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As your medical billing and RCM services partner, we are committed to ensuring highest reimbursements for the services you provide to your patients.

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Our revenue cycle management solutions are a comprehensive set of service that helps you to get control of your entire billing process. It helps practices achieve financial sustainability improvements to net patient revenue and cash flows while reducing operating costs and enhancing the patient’s financial experience.


Is your billing getting backed up with uncoded charts or are you losing money with incorrect coding? Our team of certified coders can ensure that you get paid for all the procedures and the backlog does not impact your cash flow.

Medical Billing

Increasing volume and decreasing reimbursements. We establish the most effective and efficient billing and coding process that ensure on-time reimbursement and financial security.


Feel comfortable attending to your patients remotely in their homes without worrying about how to bill them. Our medical billing outsourcing company will take care of all the billing processes on your behalf, using the latest technology.

Patient Intake

A well-structured intake workflow can ensure that front desk collections can be optimized and there are no denials for eligibility or pre-auth issues. More importantly, it would enhance patient experience. EMPClaims can help automate the intake workflow to improve patient experience with cost transparency tools.

Urgent Care

Complex regulatory issues, difficult reimbursements systems are some of the issues faced by urgent care centers. We establish the most effective and efficient billing and coding process that ensure on-time reimbursement and financial security.

Workers Comp Solutions

Traditionally slow Workers Comp payments drags down the account receivables of medical practices. We specialize in Workers Comp billing and have the right technology to get paid on time.

Our process and workflows ensure the highest reimbursement
for the services you provide to patients.


Best Medical Billing

Discover how EMPClaims offers unparalleled medical billing services that helps you focus on providing exceptional services to your patients. We always deliver quality results, and if you choose us to handle your billing, you will see massive revenue improvements in no time.

Why Partner with EMPClaims?

  • Patient Satisfaction:

    Medical billing solutions that automate verification process for patients, reduces wait times and quality patient care.

  • Increased Revenues:

    Reduction in overhead costs, timely submission of claims and increased reimbursements will result in increased revenues.

  • Changing Regulations:

    Medical billing staff who are always up-to-date on the ever changing guidelines.

  • Access to qualified specialists:

    A large pool of certified medical billing experts well versed in business requirements.

  • Better Security:

    HIPAA compliance keeps your data 100% secure and prevents it from any security threats or hacks.

Why Partner with EMPClaims21
What Our Customers Say About Us
We have been with EMPClaims for 12 years and thanks to them, we have stayed independent and focus on patients.

Internal Medicine Clinic

Since we started with EMPClaims, our patient volume went down 20% but our revenues increased 14%.

Multi Location Urgent Care

We have been able to accelerate our growth and add new services knowing that the coding and billing team at EMPClaims can handle it.

Multi Speciality Practice

We have partnerships with some of the best names in the industry to provide seamless and integrated billing solutions to our customers.

Discover how EMPClaims can help you achieve your revenue cycle goals!

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