7 Quick tips to Optimize Revenue for your Urgent Care

7 Quick tips to Optimize Revenue for your Urgent Care

There’s no denying it, revenue for your urgent care centers are popular for owners, practitioners and patients alike. With a typical wait time of 30 minutes or less care is provided not just quickly, but affordably and efficiently – the market is projected to grow to  $26 billion in 2023. But mistakes made in urgent care billing and coding have a ripple effect across the practice and can become the difference between a financially successful or unsuccessful center. Here are seven ways for your urgent care center to optimize revenue for your urgent care.

  1. Collect co-pays at the beginning of patient visits instead of waiting until the end of their visits.
  2. Collect prior balances before offering new services to patients so you can minimize bad debts.
  3. Hire a contracting expert to take care of negotiations with insurance companies so that you can receive the best possible reimbursement rates.
  4. Don’t assume that all payer’s credentialing guidelines are the same.  Hire credentialing experts to help you navigate the credentialing requirements of each individual payer so that your providers are reimbursed for services offered.
  5. Educate yourself on the proper use of the facility’s EMR system.
  6. Be mindful not to miss out valuable charges such as x-rays, blood draws, reading results, injections, and lab.
  7. Don’t forget to document drug dosage amounts so that the right charges can be stated on claims to payers.

Need help implementing these tips at scale? Find a partner that can assist with billing, coding and provider credentialing.

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