About Us

Founded in 2008, EMPClaims is an end-to-end medical billing services company, providing customized solutions based on specific needs of the customers. We offer wide range of services such as Revenue Cycle Management, Telemedicine, Workers Comp Solutions, Medical Coding, Patient Experience for Healthcare clients.

EMP’s team of highly experienced professionals help customers solve business critical problems with the use of latest technology and innovative approaches.

With EMPClaims as your trusted partner, you have access to process automation that eases compliance and documentation and a team of experts who understand how to optimize revenue opportunities at your practice.
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Why EMPClaims?

With over a decade in the healthcare industry, EMPClaims has the experience and the expertise to provide just the right billing solutions that our clients need. From submission of claims to follow-ups and reporting, EMPClaims takes complete ownership of the billing cycle and helps clients run their practice more efficiently while having complete control and access to all data.
The highly skilled team at EMP have a history of innovation and service delivery across

Advantages partnering with EMPClaims:

Relief from staffing issues

Accelerate growth and increase revenues

Process compliance and industry best practices

Our Proud Customers
We provide seamless and integrated billing solutions to some of the best names in the industry.