Medical Billing Statement
The medical coding professional is a robust practice that plays a critical role in the revenue cycle management process of
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How to Bill Chronic Care Management 99490 to Medicare
In 2015, the new code 99490 was announced in Medicare to cater to patients with more than one chronic disease.
What is Telemedicine The Ultimate Guide (2020)
Telemedicine is a relatively new concept in the health industry, and it’s leaving a lot of people confused. This guide
EHR Integration Remain a Pain Point for Healthcare EPM-2 (1)
For the past few years now, favorable Medicare and Medicaid federal regulations have led to more health care providers implementing
Artificial Intelligence Holds Promise in Improving
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has extensive uses in the healthcare industry for medical practices like investigating the gene mutations that lead
EHR Integration Remain a Pain Point for Healthcare EPM-2
According to the HIPAA Journal, 41.2M healthcare data records were breached in the year 2019. December alone saw an upsurge

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