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EMP Claims has the expertise to help you meet the billing requirements as spelled out by the CMS. EMP Claims helps its partner organizations to improve the quality of care provided to the patients by ensuring the payment through CMS’ chronic care management program is timely received. In addition, EMP Claims also provides support for complex chronic care management and the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) by meeting the MIPS performance categories, such that you can provide value-based healthcare services to your patients.

EMP Claims has the experience and ability to support Medicare’s 2017 Final Rule completely. With support for CCM, CPC+, and CPO platforms, EMP Claims team can help you improve patient experience and maximize revenue under the new codes CPT 99490, 99487, and 99489.

The comprehensive chronic care management solutions from EMP Claims aid enhancement of patient interaction in between office visits, thus helping you better manage medication. In addition, you get the ability to provide 24/7 access for urgent care requirements and get the required support while transitioning from one health care setting to another.

EMP Claims uses latest technology to track CMS mandates and documentation solution for CCM. EMP Claims provides a scalable, digital platform that helps track patient engagements at affordable costs. With the latest tools and tackles, EMP Claims is able to provide improved patient access, engagement and population health tools that enable you to better plan and coordinate patient care. Therefore, with the systematic approach and support from EMP Claims, you can alleviate the challenges faced while taking optimum advantage of the new billing code.

The chronic care management services from EMP Claims are a combination of technology, clinical services, and analytics that help you maximize patient enrollment, increased compliance, and documenting the requirements as specified in the CCM requirements, while minimizing the efforts required and stress levels.

With EMP Claims you can rest assured that the customized program designed for your unique practice will improve patient outcomes while driving recurring reimbursement revenue. All this, without the need to invest in infrastructure or staff. The EMP Claims team has the required expertise to reduce your administrative burden and allow you to focus on caring for your patients. EMP Claims will support you at every step to build and manage a network of efficient providers. In addition, using the revenue cycle management services [d1] from EMP Claims, you can further minimize the costs and efforts while maximizing revenue.

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Chronic care management, or CCM, refers to an arrangement where the provider and patients work closely together for improved health. Medicare allows physicians to bill qualified patients (with two or more chronic conditions) for the services they manage. Therefore, efficient management of this new revenue stream becomes essential for the providers to remain focused on providing quality healthcare without distractions. EMP Claims enables healthcare providers to efficiently manage the care team workflow while identifying and notifying qualified patients through an automated process.

It is essential to comply with Medicare's chronic care management requirements such that monthly payments are ensured. EMP Claims helps providers ease their compliance and documentation burdens while ensuring proper follow-up and billing. With customized solutions from EMP Claims, you minimize your efforts and focus on your core competencies. EMP Claims acts as your extended office to ensure compliance without the need for you to invest in additional staff, software requirements, and technology, thus resulting in significant savings. An innovative and holistic approach to chronic care management supplemented with the use of latest technology makes EMP Claims your trusted partner to manage this revenue stream.

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