Cardiology Billing
Manage claim filing efficiently, avoid the hassles of denial management and maximize reimbursements.

Best Cardiology Billing Services

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to get the best cardiology billing services for your practice. EMPClaims offers a comprehensive billing service for your cardiology practice that encompasses eligibility verification, coding, claim scrubbing, payment posting, claim submission, and denial management. With our proven process, you can see increase in revenue and improvements in cash flow.

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Why Choose Us?

Personalized service for each client and strict compliance to HIPAA regulations

Procedures and reports are

Drastic claim denial reductions after letting us manage your billing

All expert coders certified in ICD-10 coding

Benefits of Leveraging EMPClaims
Cardiology Billing Services

Decline in errors

Saves you a lot of time and money because claims have fewer errors.

Enhances Efficiency

Lets you focus on core competencies while we make sure you get paid for your services.

Transparency in revenue cycle

Gives you a clear understanding of the business continuity plans in cases of emergencies.

Reduces cost

Cuts off a lot of the labor costs of hiring an in-house medical billing team.

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Challenges Associated with Cardiology Billing

Challenges Associated with Cardiology Billing
Cardiology is an expensive medical field and faces special billing and coding challenges not encountered in many other fields of medicine. This brings up some challenges when it comes to billing for the services.
The scheduling process must be well-documented so that it can be coded correctly. Besides the payer requirements and insurance coverage, the setting in which the appointment was held must be correctly specified with codes. These are all necessary conditions for on-time reimbursement.
Procedures in cardiology may require modifiers to give specific details about the operations carried out. While intermediate level coders can have a general understanding of the numerical codes, they may get confused when it comes to cardiology billing and modifiers. Our experienced coders know the level of modifiers and all the numerical codes paired with them.
Cardiology practices are different from normal family medicine practices because they receive a much lower number of clients daily. This is because the procedures are usually more detailed and cost more. Hence, an unpaid claim can severely affect your business.

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Our Offshore Cardiology Billing Service

We provide a variety of cardiology billing services that range from the appointment with the client to the end of treatment.

Insurance Verification

We collect relevant history and information about the client before the visit. The information gathered includes insurance pre-authorization, healthcare prior authorization, patient insurance authorization, and patient insurance health benefits eligibility. You can be rest assured that the security of our cardiology billing outsourcing service will never allow unauthorized persons access to this information.

Charge Entry

Our staff will handle all of the claims received by your practice and enter them into the billing software for record purposes. We promise you increased efficiency with a high level of care when we handle your operations. Also, our team of experts adhere to every Medicare compliance guideline.

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Medical Coding

EMPClaims gives you access to our AAPC-certified coders who will ensure all of your services, procedures, and diagnosis are translated into the appropriate code with no errors. All of our coders have extensive coding experience in the cardiology billing services scope and will deliver the best results.

Our Team of AAPC Certified Coders
can Help You with

The cardiology billing experts in our team are specialists in several aspects of medical coding which include

  • Unique payer medical coding
  • CPT coding systems
  • HCPCS, ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding
  • HCC and IHCC medical coding
  • Offshore coding audits
  • Evaluation and Management codes

Claim Scrubbing

It is necessary to go through the claims and ensure there are no errors or missing information. Our professional team will thoroughly check all the claims to ensure it has all the needed information and no errors. This will mitigate claim delays and get your reimbursements faster. If we uncover any error during the scrubbing process, we act swiftly to rectify it. Because of our many years of experience, errors will be quickly identified before they do any damage to your practice.


Payment Posting

Our staff will handle inputting all of the payments into the billing software. Where needed, we also input notes explaining important details.

Patient Statements

Our cardiology billing company updates patients with unique statements detailing the balances on their accounts. This can be done one-time or periodically for regular patients.


Timely Claim Submission

The faster claims are submitted and verified, the faster you can get your reimbursements. This is why our cardiology billing services make sure that all the claims are compiled, processed, and submitted on time. We can submit electronically so it gets to the insurance company or payer sooner. This is usually done at a maximum of 48 hours after getting the patient encounter forms.


As part of our quality billing service, we always ensure our client receives updates on the status of every claim and the finances of the business. This is why we send out regular reports that contain details such as the revenue booked, collected, and outstanding.


Specialized Cardiology Billing Services by EMP

We are capable of billing a wide range of services for cardiology providers such as:
  • Nuclear cardiology
  • Echo-cardiology
  • Surgical cardiology
  • Interventional cardiology
  • Transplant cardiology
  • General clinical cardiology
Some of the procedures our cardiology medical billing outsourcing company covers are:
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Cardiac catheterization
  • Nuclear studies
  • Rotational atherectomy
  • Stent procedures
  • Angioplasty
  • Pacemaker implantation
  • Cardiovascular magnetic resonance
  • Implantable and wearable cardiac device assessments
  • Pulse palpation and auscultation