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Minimize coding errors, handle denied claims promptly and track areas to improve revenues.
Best Family Practice Medical Billing Services

Best Family Practice Medical Billing Services

Get access to high quality family practice medical billing services that allow you to provide care to your patients in need and get maximum reimbursements on time. EMPClaims has the experience necessary to handle the complexities presented by Family Practice billing and modifiers and uses the latest technology to streamline your billing process. Outsourcing your family billing process cuts down on the staffing costs of in-house services and boosts your revenue.

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Our Family Practice Medical Billing Services Process

We carry out all the billing processes while keeping you updated on the steps and proper documentation involved. Hiring a quality billing service like ours gives you access to:

Eligibility and Insurance Verification

We check every patient to see their medical justification, medical history, and the personal information needed for preauthorization. After this, family practitioners then attend to the patients.

Claim Submission

We fill the claims with the coding of the treatment received and submit to the insurance company for reimbursement.

Payment Posting

After the claim has been approved, our billing practices ensure reimbursement follows into the respective accounts.

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Eligibility and Insurance Verification
Claims Denial Management
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Payment Auditing

We will confirm that the paid amount is as agreed and all the components of the bill are satisfactory.

Claims Denial Management

If there is an issue of claim rejection or denial, our experts will take up the case with the insurance company to ensure full compliance. This is an important step in family practice medical billing services as it ensures any coding errors in the claim or errors due to other reasons will be addressed.

Family Practice Medical Billing Reimbursement Cycle

Our reimbursement cycle uses efficient procedures to relieve you of any troubles. After the patient is enrolled and all the insurance authorizations are complete, our expert coders take the lead in the remaining stages. Our professionals know everything about all CPT, ICD-9-CM, and HCPCS Level II codes. We take great care to avoid any errors or claims denial. The medical services we offer are diverse and you don't have to worry about specialized cases. Our software is fully adaptable to any case we can encounter in the healthcare industry.

Family Practice Collections and Practice Management

The financial strength of your Family Practice is directly correlated to timely billing and account reimbursement. Our Family Practice medical billing services can handle billing and collection process via an efficient monitoring system. With our help, the reconciling of accounts could not be easier. Our fully automated processes help significantly improve your patient experience. To ensure revenue keeps coming in, we regularly update you on pending claims. We don't believe in a one size fits all system, so when you hire us, our billing professionals will fully analyze your family practices offer and provide a service uniquely designed for you and your patients.

Family Practice Electronic Claims

The claim submission and reimbursement process is completely digitalized end-to-end. After patient enrollment, our system ensures we have access to your data remotely and our coders can do their work without being physically present. From our system, authorized persons can view relevant information such as all the patients' transactions and balances. The only way to maintain proper workflow is to regularly update the relevant personnel on every operation. Hence, we send out detailed reports every month. Depending on the necessity, our family practice billing company also prepares and sends out patient statements at least once every month.

Family Practices Accounts Receivable Management

We handle all communication and correspondence with the insurance company or payer from the start of the procedure to the end. We work effectively in this process and have a history with a lot of insurance companies. This makes us the best people to communicate with the payers to ensure account receivable collection. Other services you have access to are managed-care contracts, client reporting, and fee analysis.

Why Choose EMPClaims as your Family Practice Medical Billing Services Partner?

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Benefits of Leveraging Our family Practice
Medical Billing Services

Minimize errors from improper coding.

Easily review performances to know which areas need improvement.

Decrease overhead costs from staffing and IT expenses.

Use a HIPAA-compliant company that guarantees quick turnaround.

In-house billing has its limits and outsourcing it to our billing and coding specialists lets staff focus on core competencies.