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Best Internal Medicine Medical Billing Services

Seize this opportunity and benefit from internal medicine medical billing services that take away the hassles of seeking payment from patients. We’ll use our high-end software and infrastructure for billing to create a faster and smoother process. EMPClaims will bring order to your business and take over all communication with the payers to get your money on time and without hiccups.

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Our Internal Medicine Medical Billing Services Process

We offer internal medicine medical billing services through a well-structured approach to keep you – the care provider and your patients happy. With us, you get to enjoy a specialized billing service because we cater to internal medicine specialists.

By leveraging the best technological practices, we cut down on claim rejections and denials to increase your revenue. We’ll use the full array of codes available for billing and develop a robust compliance plan to reduce the risk of abusive and fraudulent billing.

This is the first step we take before the patient receives care. Our system assesses the patient to verify they have the ability to repay. We also authenticate all of the past records, medical history, and insurance information, while working closely with the medical assistants if need be. After all of the requirements are met, the patient will be authorized. We take great care to ensure the patient doesn't wait for a long time. A pre-certification document gives internal medicine physicians the authority to treat the patient based on the previous diagnosis. The insurance company must have signed off on it, so there won't be any issues with billing.

Our billing and coding specialists can identify the code corresponding to the care the patient received. We accurately enter all the treatment received into our billing system for internal medicine. Every person's invoice is considered for the services rendered because it's a crucial step in the internal medicine billing process. If there are any pre-coded bills, we validate them to prevent errors and add them to the billing. We do all of this in full compliance with the current federal and state laws to avoid penalties.

After the coding, the invoices are billed according to all the compliance needs. With the new CMS regulations favoring mostly primary care services, internal medicine service providers need someone in their corner. Our HIPPA certified company will ensure your billing is according to standards so you get your money in full. All of the remaining lingering issues in the bill are handled as part of our internal medicine medical billing services before additional auditing.

Telemedicine billing services are one of the entities covered in the HIPAA privacy and security rules, and we abide by them. Compliance with HIPPA requirements for confidentiality and privacy is held in high regard. We only collect the required health information and protect them. All video conferencing platforms used between patients and medical practitioners are encrypted to protect information.

The insurance companies receive the bills and proceed to carry out their own verification. If they happen to deny the claim, it will be sent back to us. Other payers also check according to their private payer contracts to confirm the treatment costs were covered accurately. In case of discrepancies, we immediately get our team to identify the errors as quickly as possible and get your claim verified by the insurance companies. We use an effective checklist approach to flag errors and oversights.

This is the last step in the internal medicine medical billing services and a very important one. Once the invoice has fully satisfied all of the requirements, we send it out for fulfillment. We use electronic means to send the claims for a faster and more efficient process. Our work doesn’t end there. We follow up with the insurer until the appropriate amount gets to the internal medicine physicians and other parties on schedule.

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Why Choose EMP as your Internal Medicine Medical Billing Services Partner?

  • Our professional medical billing department has easily accessible customer service.

  • We run a comprehensive demographic and market analysis to see how we can serve you better.

  • We are medical billing professionals that can handle denial management with effective communication strategies.

  • We carry out thorough research and evaluation of the accounts of insurers and payers.

  • You get regular reports to update you on the progress of your reimbursement.

Why Partner with EMPClaims21

Benefits of Leveraging Our
Internal Medicine Medical Billing Services Include:

Relieve the pre-authorization and eligibility-check duties of your nurse practitioners and other staff.

Get rid of penalty fees due to non-compliance with the laws

You or your medical assistants don't have to worry about the hassles of communicating with insurance companies or private payers.

Make use of the latest and best and technology to optimize processes.

There is no need for you to provide any infrastructure for your billing process because our experts are fully equipped with the latest.