Ketamine Treatment Billing Services
Understand how ketamine treatments are billed, find out how to use the right codes for in-patient and out-patient services.

Best Ketamine Treatment Billing Services

Take advantage of our Ketamine treatment billing services to increase your business revenue and keep patients satisfied. At EMPClaims, we assure you of timely scheduling, accurate coding, payment posting, and fast claim submissions. We also handle claim denials aggressively to find appropriate solutions to challenges quickly. Our experts use the latest billing software for all our services.

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Our Ketamine Treatment Billing Services Process?

Our process is specifically designed to give ketamine treatment billing solutions. It covers every aspect of medical billing.

We verify patients insurance status to determine eligibility.

After the patient has gotten diagnosis or treatment from the physician, our specialists convert it to the appropriate CPT codes for billing.

We vet and verify the bills several times to make sure they are compliant with all rules and regulations. If all conditions are met, we proceed to submit to the insurance company or payer for reimbursement.

How EMPClaims Helps Medical Practices to
Bill Insurance for Ketamine Treatment


Electronic means of claim submission and payment posting.

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Our ketamine treatment billing company gives access to reports detailing the financial status of your business.

Medical history forms, consent forms, and other documents are readily available.

CPT Codes used for Billing Ketamine Treatment

The following are the codes used by our ketamine treatment billing services for a patient with the Ketamine Infusions Procedures. There are divided into two categories based on the stage of treatment – in-patient and out-patient.

Ketamine In-Patient Billing Codes

Ketamine Out-Patient Billing Codes

Find out how these codes can get your reimbursements on time

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Benefits of Leveraging Our
Ketamine Treatment Billing Services Include

Ketamine is important for pain relief, sedation, and memory loss in patients, which makes it applicable in a wide array of cases. We are suitably equipped to handle the billing in any instance.

You don't have to keep up with the ever-changing regulations in medical billing. Our staff will take care of that.

You get access to the best ketamine treatment billing service provider that works hard to reduce overheads and follows up on all payments.

Timely reminders are part of the package to remind insurance companies and other payers when payment is almost due.

You no longer need to hire in-house staff to handle your billing.