Neurology Billing Services
Achieve error free billing, high first pass claims rate and maximize collections.

Best Neurology Billing Services

Now you too can benefit from neurology billing services that easily adapt to fit all of the peculiarities and uniqueness of your business. EMPClaims will be in charge of making sure the procedures are converted to codes accurately and sent to the insurance company on time. With us, you don’t have to follow up with the insurance company to remind them of schedules. That’s our job! You also don’t have to worry about frequent claim denials.

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Our Neurology Billing Services Process

Working hard to care for the peripheral and autonomic nervous systems of your patients can be very tasking. Our team eliminates the need to stress and worry about denied or invalid claims. We take great care to ensure there are no issues with your billing.
Everything we do is above board and completely transparent so you can see how we help you to create better financial infrastructure. Our simple process involves:

Eligibility Verification

After you contract our services to handle your neurology billing, our process begins at the door of your establishment. For every patient you attend to, we run checks on their insurance, finances, and payment options.


You'll have a dedicated team of coders, projects, and account managers to make your operations smoother. After each consultation with a client, our coders convert the diagnosis or treatment into the relevant neurology billing and modifiers codes.

Billing Services

We bring all of the coded records into our software and date them properly. All required information is added to bills in preparation for submission as a claim to the insurance company.

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Before we send any claims to the insurance company, we check to make sure that it abides with all of the guidelines and is HIPAA compliant. We also cross-check again to ascertain that the codes match and there are no errors.

Denial Management

If the insurance company sends back a claim without fulfilling it, we recheck the documentation and decide on the appropriate steps to take.

Final Claims Submission

After the corrections have been made to the claim, we send it back to the insurance company/payer to verify and reimburse you for your services.

Neurology Billing Services Offered by EMP Claims

We offer cost-effective and efficient neurology billing services that you can rely on at your time of need. Our services are very comprehensive and cover every aspect of your billing adequately.

Sub-Specializations of Neurology Billing We Offer

We offer services to a wide array of sub-classifications in neurology. You can be certain that there is no aspect of the neurology practice that we haven’t handled. Some of the specialized neurology medical billing services we cover are:

Need unique billing services for the
neurology treatments you offer?

How We Can Help Neurologists

We make payments arrive sooner so that you can maintain positive cash flow.
With our easy-to-use billing software, we make your practice more convenient by giving you instant access to data whenever you want.
Our neurology billing company makes sure you don’t have to bother about the technicalities of billing that could take up a lot of your time.
Personalized attention is easily adaptable to the size of your practice, ranging from small single-provider practices to large-size operations.
You cut down on your expenses by making use of our readily available software and services.
You avoid losing money to late or short payments and maximize the returns on claims.

Why Choose EMP as Your Outsource Neurology Billing Services Partner?


Benefits of Leveraging Our Neurology
Billing Services Include

We offer better and highly-efficient methods used to transfer all outstanding claims.

You get regular reports detailing the productivity of your business activity and pending claims.

Your company records immediate reductions in claim denials and A/R days.

You'll no longer need to worry about the constantly changing regulations that guide medical billing.

You gain access to trained neurology billing experts who understand the business requirements of a billing company and how to solve challenges quickly.