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Reduce AR outstanding days, improve net collections and fast track denial process.

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Leverage our pain medical billing services to have more time to focus on your patients’ needs. EMPClaims will take full control of your billing process and optimize it to get faster reimbursements for your pain management practice. We have a team of experienced coders to create and submit your claims. Also, we ensure full payments and follow-up on claims while following the different government guidelines on billing.

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Pain Management Billing Services Offered by EMP Claims

This administrative process collects all of the relevant data from patients to meet up with the insurer's requirements. A lot of this information is contained in the submitted claim, and without it, there may be issues with approval.

This step is necessary to determine whether the patient is eligible to receive treatment based on their coverage. We make sure the patient’s coverage details are up-to-date during each visit to prevent errors.

Our pain management billing experts can accurately interpret the effects of health policies and plans on the coverage of patients. We use the insurance company's online portal to verify this information quickly. For independent payers whose coverage we can't verify online, we contact them directly.

Depending on the procedure the patient is to take after proper diagnosis, there may be a need for a pre-authorization document from the insurer. Our pain management billing company helps to facilitate this by contacting the insurance company for authorization. We do this in a relatively short time.

After the patient has gone through diagnosis and treatment, we prepare the bill based on the services offered. Irrespective of the procedure taken, our pain management billing services cover CPT, ICD, HCPS, HCC, and MRA codes. Our professionals have several years of experience and know the right pain management billing and modifiers codes for each process. If any additional procedures are taken, we can update the bills as needed to include the follow-up.

We process the claims after coding either electronically or on paper and get it to the insurance company for reimbursement. Payment posting will follow after the insurance company has verified and there are no errors.

We store the payment records in your database corresponding to the patient and treatment details. This usually includes account numbers, procedure codes, service dates, co-insurances, etc. Our pain management outsourcing company also carefully monitors the cash flow influx to avoid errors.

The next stage of the process is the account receivables(AR). This covers all of the follow-up processes after submitting the claim. We check the status of the claims and flag any unpaid claims before contacting the payer to speed up the process.

Our team has a lot of experience with insurance companies and independent payers so we're the best at aggressively following up on claims. At the end of the month, we create reports that identify recurring problems that cause denials. Next, we address them.

We offer collection services for pain management providers so that you don't run out of resources. Sometimes patients leave outstanding payments for long periods and that negatively affects your workflow. We work to track down these patients, collect any outstanding claims, and update you on all progress.

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Why Choose EMP as your Outsource Pain Management Billing Services Partner?

  • Our pain management billing services are cost-effective and always keep to schedule.

  • We use the best tools and technologies to provide optimum results.

  • All of your data is safe with us and we keep to all of the HIPAA regulations.

  • You can track all non-payments and underpayments in real-time.

  • Our reports analyze the billing process and highlight areas that need improvement.

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Benefits of Leveraging Our
Pain Management Billing Services Include

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It allows you to focus on core competencies and generate more revenue.

You get a better understanding of your finances with our analysis.

Multiple delivery centers are available to ensure quick turnaround time.

We have an effective, well-tested, and efficient process of handling claim denials.

Our pain management billing outsourcing service is a niche service that brings you faster payments and fewer claim denials.