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Urgent Care Billing Services

We offer urgent care billing services specifically designed to meet your needs. At EMPClaims, we understand the importance of efficient cash flow, revenue management, and timely reimbursements to an urgent care center. We will ensure you never have to worry about coding, filing claims, or following up on denied claims.

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Our Urgent Care Billing Services Process

After a patient is brought to the emergency room and has received the appropriate treatment, a smooth billing process has to follow. Our services begin at the front door, immediately the patients are brought into urgent care centers. Important basic information gotten at the front desk includes demographic information (name, birth date, address, the reason for the visit), insurance company name, policy number, and primary care provider. Since in the urgent care practice there is no chance for appointment scheduling, you don't need a pre-registration process. The visits are usually just walk-in appointments. Our urgent care billing services involve billing after the care, coding, sending the claims, and obtaining final payment for reimbursements.

Urgent Care Collections and Practice Management

We help urgent care providers collect details from the patient to create a record on our software. While the patient receives medical care, all of the details of the treatment including notes and recommendations are recorded to make the billing and coding easier. Because urgent care practice is usually for emergencies, there is usually no time to ask the insurance company for pre-authorization before any procedure. Hence, it's necessary for patients to know their plan information and the costs that can come from a walk-in facility. To avoid any challenges during billing, our urgent care billing services include urging the patient on your behalf to sign an affidavit of final responsibility before any medical procedure.

Urgent Care Electronic Claims

This is where our certified coders and billing experts come into play. Our billing coders will convert every procedure into the corresponding code. We document and compile this code into a claim to get reimbursements. This step is crucial and with our billing experts, you can be sure there will be no errors. After coding, we cross-check the bill for errors and compliance with all regulations. In the absence of errors, we send the claim to the insurance company or the payer electronically for verification and payment. As long as all of the received treatments, diagnoses, and procedures correspond to the bill, the reimbursement process will go faster.

Urgent Care Accounts Receivable Management

Receivables management involves tracking the claims and making sure they are paid on schedule and to the appropriate accounts. We have a lot of experience with insurance companies so, we know how to effectively communicate with them and will get your reimbursements on time. Handling claim denial and rejection is part of our urgent care billing services. First, we identify the reason for the rejection or error in the claim. Then we use our experience and skill to resolve it quickly. A final check would rid the claim of any other issues before we resubmit it to the insurance provider for verification and payment.

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Urgent Care Billing Services Include:

There is no employee down-time because our billing services are available all year round, whenever you need us.

You save money on hardware, software, and labor associated with an in-house billing system.

We help you to collect over-due reimbursements from companies faster.

You get to enjoy the full attention of a dedicated staff for your billing needs.

It allows your staff to focus more on urgent care procedures and patient care.