Front Desk Staff – More Than Just a Revolving Door Position

Front Desk Staff – More Than Just a Revolving Door Position

Often overlooked, front desk staff is the life force of any medical practice. As the first ones to greet your patients when they walk in the door, it’s imperative that they are provided adequate training and support. 

Front desk managers are typically multitaskers who possess the magical quality of somehow being present at more than one place at the same time. Naturally, a successful medical practice will champion training for this key role. 

How to Approach Training

1. Customer Service 

Make no mistake, a medical practice is a business that thrives because of its clients. As the first touch point for all patients, front desk personnel are the face of the practice, and their efficiency and patience are integral to its function. How can they ensure happy clients? 

  • Approachable and professional – we all have bad days, and impatient patients do not make it any easier. At understaffed practices, it is particularly difficult to remain pleasant at all times. However, it’s important to understand that this is a non-negotiable part of the job. 
  • Willingness to help – making a patient feel comfortable goes a long way in establishing yourself as a great caregiver, and no one can do this quite as well as the person manning your reception.
  • Understanding duties – always make it a point to educate your front desk personnel on their primary duties. While this role is sometimes difficult to outline, the individuals must be aware of the responsibilities that come with the job. 

2. Obtaining Accurate Information and Communicating Clearly 

It is difficult to  stress just how important it is for front desk managers to obtain correct information. Mistakes made at this point can be just as costly as those made in the OT.  

  • Front desk staff must acknowledge the importance of collecting accurate demographic and insurance information from the patient. 
  • Once collected, the information must be entered without errors. 
  • Front desk staff must maintain transparency and confidence while communicating patient out of pocket responsibility. 

3. HIPPA Compliance  

If you own a medical practice, you don’t have to be told how important this is. But do the people working your reception know this too? Make it a point to instruct and guide them on the following. 

  • Communicate in certain terms that patient information must be protected at all times. 
  • Front desk staff is never to leave their computers unlocked and unattended. 
  • Always store patient files in a way that prevents any unauthorized access. 
  • Shred papers containing protected health information. 

No matter the type or location of your practice, if your front desk staff or front desk person doesn’t uphold the standards, you set forth to create a positive experience for patients – it’s all in vain. Ensure that your front desk personnel receive the training and education they deserve.  Learn more here. 

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