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Tired of continuous follow-ups to close every claim? Worried about investment costs for billing software? Concerned about staff productivity? Now you can relax and rest assured with the Revenue Cycle Management Services from EMP Claims that will take care of all your medical billing needs. EMP Claims will ensure that the entire billing cycle is streamlined and all claims are taken to their logical conclusion seamlessly so you and your staff can focus on your core function of providing care to your patients.


Acting as an extension of your medical office, EMPClaims team works in tandem with your staff to make the entire medical billing and claims process smooth. Using the appropriate billing software and coding techniques, the EMP Claims team ensures fast and error-free claims submissions so they are processed and closed quickly. The experts in the EMP Claims team working on your behalf constantly communicate with the insurance carriers and past due accounts to help reduce fees paid to debt collection agencies. Such regular follow-ups ensure that your claims are completed quickly. This not only helps boost productivity and lower stress levels of your staff but also results in reducing operational costs and saving a significant amount of money.

EMP Claims has the experience and the expertise to provide just the right billing solutions that you need. Being fully equipped in terms of technology and manpower, EMP Claims is fully equipped to handle the complete medical billing process on your behalf All you need to do is select the pain area that you need help with and EMP Claims team will ensure that you get the required assistance with the best return on investment.


EMP Claims provides full spectrum of services pertaining to your billing requirements. From submission of claims to follow-ups to reporting and monthly statements, EMP Claims takes complete ownership of the billing cycle such you get an end-to-end solution that helps you run your practice more efficiently while having complete control and access to all data.


EMP Claims is proficient in processing all kinds of billings, be it patient billing, or primary, secondary, tertiary, workers' compensation and MVA billing. 


Backed with the support of certified coders, EMP Claims makes use of the latest coding – including CPT, ICD-9, and HCPCS codes – such that the number of claims accepted is maximized and delays in reimbursements are significantly reduced. That’s not all. Once the claims are submitted, EMPClaims team aggressively follows up on these claims to ensure they are completed quickly such that reimbursements are optimized. For example, EMPClaims team ensures that:


The claims have been accepted with insurance carriers and/or the clearinghouse

The status of claims with insurance carriers is checked
Past-due accounts of self-pay patients are collected

Claims are resubmitted to insurance carriers
Clients are notified of the “incomplete claims” which could not be processed, or for additional information as required by the insurance carrier

‚ÄčUnpaid procedures are tracked and Letters of Medical Necessity are sent


Your extended team of medical billing professionals at EMP Claims follows through till the process is complete with sending patient statements, posting payments, and providing detailed reports.

EMP Claims generates monthly statements that include the remaining balance after the insurance carrier has made the payment, as well as if balance billing is permitted in the provider's agreement with them. In addition, a monthly statement to uninsured or self-pay patients, who did not pay at the time of service, is also generated. This can also include patients on a payment plan.


Payments for both insurance claims and self-pay patient accounts are posted and EMP Claims encourages all its clients to establish a merchant account. This is with the view that when patients have the ability to pay using alternative payment methods such as cash, check, credit card, or special payment plans, the odds of receiving immediate reimbursement are greatly increased.


EMP Claims generates monthly progress reports that account for the status of every claim. These monthly reports include details such as:

Claims submitted

Accounts receivable aging

Practice analysis

Unable to bill out report (list of patients who require attention and/or additional information)


EMP Claims helps organizations of all statures – from large, mid-size to small, and even struggling medical practices – to stay on top of the industry changes and compliance issues. As a trusted partner, EMP Claims helps organizations to register a significant reduction in operational costs, reduced debt collections, as well as a dramatic dip in the stress levels of physicians and the staff. You are able to do more with limited staff, thus saving on staff salaries, employee churn, and other related administrative costs.


Over the years, EMP Claims has earned a reputation for excellence in medical billing. EMP Claims enjoys the honor of being a member of the Gateway EDI 99% Club, an industry award that recognizes members for submitting 99% error-free claims. EMP Claims believes in consistently delivering outstanding services and results to its partner organizations by providing a quicker turnaround for the claims. The award is a testimony to this belief that keeps driving EMP Claims to benefit its clients by earning reduced time associated with filing and re-filing claims, fewer A/R waiting days, and increased A/R dollars for rejected claims. This in turn positively affects the bottom line and efficiency of the partner organizations.

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