Revenue Cycle Partnerships: Simplifying Healthcare 

Revenue cycle partnerships: Simplifying Healthcare 

The maze-like world of health care can be challenging to navigate. Presently, the industry is faced with unprecedented road-blocks, and the fact that the people who are trained to provide care have to deal with them is a waste of precious resources for revenue cycle partnerships.  

EMPClaims values the role of healthcare practitioners and aims to absolve them from such unproductive tasks so that the focus can be shifted to the core mission – “healthcare”.

Financial resilience and better patient experience are the two primary objectives of any healthcare provider, and EMPClaims is constantly finding ways for you to achieve this. 

Read ahead to understand why and how revenue cycle partnerships help your practice scale resources, refine processes and increase revenue. 

Did you know that, between 15 and 30 percent of overall health care spending goes towards administrative expenses? With ever-changing payer requirements and regulatory guidelines, this is no easy task for your already over-worked staff members to perform. Administrative costs refer to the back-end functions of the healthcare system. This includes medical billing, scheduling patient appointments, hiring and managing staff, and more. Plus, an absence of standardization can create an enterprise-wide disconnect that is difficult to overcome. Practices often become upended by heterogeneous processes that leave ample room for waste and error. 

Revenue Cycle Partnerships – Practice and Patients

Fortunately, with an experienced RCM partner in your corner, you can eliminate these challenges and improve the overall health of your practice for revenue cycle partnerships.  

So, what exactly can an RCM service partner do for your practice and your patients? 

  1. Improved patient care – When larger practices attempt to monitor RCM in-house it often distracts them from their primary goal of providing patient care. But with a reliable RCM partner, your medical staff is freed up to prioritize health care related services. 
  1. Reduced workload – An inevitable result will be more time on your hands which means more time for diagnosing and treating your patients. In parallel, your Revenue cycle partnerships will keep doing work in the background to empower you to provide a richer patient experience. 
  1. Data management – With an RCM service, you access precise and organized data, which fosters informed decision making. A transparent revenue cycle partnerships gives access to the information you need when you need it. 
  1. Increased revenue – Not only will you have the tools that you need to grow, but also the opportunity to save money as a result of various billing solutions. See an increase in revenue through a reduction of denials, timely payments, and decreased cost of collection to regulate ROI.  
  1. Long term savings – For those handling claims in-house, how much do you spend in the form of time, labor and money on evaluation, training, and certification of new employees? An ecenue cycle partnerships will ensure that you have highly skilled billing experts who excel at the tasks you need complete.  
  1. Simplified internal processes – One of the hallmarks of an effective billing software is that it easily integrates with your business. With an RCM partner you shouldn’t have to change the way you work but have them integrate with you seamlessly to create a streamlined workflow. 
  1. Become a better practice – An RCM service will provide you with the luxury to focus solely on your patients and we remove any tasks or processes that are not productive or conducive to providing care.  
  1. Staying on top of changing regulations – It’s hard to stay updated on the myriad of constantly changing policies. With an RCM Service, they monitor these changes for you. Information is power and with this your practice can become proactive instead of reactive. You can be prepared for possible changes in revenue. 
  1. Automation of the RCM Process – Laborious and costly, in-house automation can become a lost cause for growing practices. But with the right RCM partners, you can leverage the latest technology for each of your processes and seamlessly integrate all moving parts. 

With a revenue cycle partnerships, health practices and systems gain added capacity, purpose-built technology and automation that can foster a more patient-centric approach. The pressure to generate higher revenue while continuing to provide high-quality patient care is very real and a trusted RCM Partner can help you to achieve both. 

Financial resilience and better patient experience are the two primary objectives of any healthcare provider, and EMPClaims is constantly finding ways for you to achieve this. 

Valuing the role of healthcare practitioners, EMPClaims aims to absolve you from such unproductive tasks so that your focus can be shifted to your core mission – healthcare for revenue cycle partnerships. Learn more. 

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