Patient Intake Solutions
Eliminate eligibility and pre-authorization based denials and improve patient experience.
Patient Intake Solutions with EPM

Patient Intake Solutions

A practice’s ability to capitalize on the market share and protecting its brand reputation is directly associated with patient experience services. Billing and reimbursement issues, inefficient billing practices leaves the patients dissatisfied and leads to negative reviews online.

Patient Intake Solutions from EMPClaims helps practices re-imagine Patient Experience by leveraging digital technologies, industry best practices and agile approaches. Our team of highly experienced billing experts handle various stages of the billing processes and enabling a smooth patient journey.

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Our Patient Intake Billing Services

Delivering the right patient experience begins from the point of registration to the final patient balance bill. The most common causes are eligibility and coverage-based issues that need to be resolved in advance of the patient visit.

Eligibility Checks

We strive to keep the patient intake positive by making the authentication and eligibility process as straightforward as possible. Our experts make use of the latest technology for quick eligibility verification so that your patients don't have to wait for long. This patient-centered service will also improve collections at the point of service.

Pre-Authorization/ Pre-Certification

Pre-certification is a notice sent to a health plan provider, telling them a patient needs a service which is usually not an emergency. Therefore, the insurance company or health plan provider will decide if the patient’s plan covers the procedure. A pre-authorization will often include medical documents stating why the patient needs the procedure. This process should be as quick as possible so to save your patient's time. We help you facilitate it while carrying the patient along so there are no surprise medical bills.

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Our Patient Intake Billing process
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Cost Estimates Prior to Care

People like to know what they are paying for. This statement is also true in the healthcare sector. Except in emergency cases, patients increasingly want to know the cost of the care before receiving it. With the rise of out-of-pocket expenses in health care, patients want to know every procedure planned for their care and what it costs. This is a crucial step and our service encourages financial transparency to patients.

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Why Choose Us?

Avoid surprise billing by delivering financial transparency to your patients.
Increase patient satisfaction and improve revenue.
Foster communication and confidence in patients.
Ensure correct date for billing every visit.
Protect the brand.

Benefits of Leveraging Our Patient
Intake Services Include

Benefits of Leveraging Our Patient

It increases the profitability of your practice and boosts ROI.

You can monitor the progress of patients better because of more accurate patient insights. From years of consulting, we know patients are more satisfied when they are provided with proper information.

Patients will give your institution good reviews which will translate to more visits and clients.