Workers Comp Services
Track underpayments, meet state guidelines and achieve 98% contract compliance rate.
Workers Compensation Billing Services

Workers Compensation Billing Services

Why spend so much money on in-house staff to handle workerscompensation billing services when professionals can do a better job with excellent results?

EMPClaims will create a custom process and help you with your workers’ compensation billing process that is compliant with the regulations put forth. With us, you will have a sped-up process that will help your practice increase revenue and also eliminate the stress on your in-house team.

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Our Workers Compensation Billing Services Process

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

This insurance gives medical benefits and wage replacement to employees injured in the line of work for a compulsory relinquishment of the right to sue for negligence.

EMPClaims offers a wholistic solution to medical practices to handle Workers Compensation Claims. EMPClaims has the expertise and experience to deliver tangible results for our customers, which lets you focus on the critical aspects of your practice.

Case Verification

We help with case verification of the patients, by obtaining the complete details from the Insurance companies like case status, adjusters etc.


CMS keeps updating the codes frequently, and our certified coders are always abreast with the changes. We check for accuracy in the code before submitting bills for payment to the insurance firms.

We provide constant feedback to improve documentation and streamline the business process and ensure the efficacy of claims coding and subsequent appeals.


Our comprehensive reporting structure helps identify opportunities to improve revenues and plug revenue leaks. We also share periodic status reports that include AR summaries, claim tracking reports and AR aging reports to keep the practice always informed.

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Workers Compensation Billing
Timely Follow-ups
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Timely Follow-ups

As per the mandate provided by SB1175, insurance companies must pay the providers within 15 working days of receiving the bills. We ensure timely follow-ups with the insurance companies so that they are no delays in the processing of claims.

Compliance with State Laws

Workers’ compensation services are governed by state law, so a different set of rules apply to each. Depending on your practice’s location, we will perform adequate research to get the conditions right, according to your state laws.

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Why Choose EMPClaims as your
Workers’ Compensation Billing Partner?


Benefits of Leveraging EMP’s
Workers’ Compensation Billing Services Include

You get the top-level expertise you need because any mistake could result in an extremely high cost of claims.

Your business will see lower expenses and improved cashflow.

Follow-up of the process can affect your business and reduce productivity. Workers compensation billing providers can handle this with ease.

Our workers’ compensation billing services ensure proper compliance with state guidelines.