Healthcare Blogs: The Complete List To Follow (2020 Update)

Are you looking for best health care blogs? Here are top 53 best healthcare blogs to follow. Thankfully, we’ve done the hard yards for you and identified the best healthcare blogs you can check here.
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Best Healthcare Blogs? – Whether you are looking for new clinical studies, advances in technology, or changing healthcare policy, running a search for the best healthcare blogs can be hectic. You’ll probably get tons of outcomes ranked based on the search keyword you used. Unfortunately, in most cases, this is not always an indicator of the best healthcare blogs.

Thankfully, we’ve done the hard yards for you and identified the best 53 healthcare blogs you can learn from. These healthcare blogs will help you catch up on new healthcare policies, updated news, jobs, and marketing, among other topics.

List of Top 53 Healthcare Blogs to Follow

Check here a list of various popular healthcare blogs

1. Healthcare IT (HIT) Consultant

Thankfully, we’ve done the hard yards for you and identified the best 53 healthcare blogs you can learn from. These healthcare blogs will help you catch up on new healthcare policies, updated news, jobs, and marketing, among other topics.

2. Health and Human Services (HHS) IDEA Lab

As the name suggests, it is a blog by the department of health and human services. HHS IDEA Lab focuses on technological solutions for improvingthe quality of human health service delivery. This blog contains important information for both patients and professionals alike.

3. Healthcare Dive

Here is another blog from best healthcare blogs with unique features. It helps healthcare professionals to navigate through the essential aspects of the healthcare industry within a few seconds. Healthcare dive has a wide coverage of topics such as health IT, hospital administration, and implementation of artificial intelligence.

4. Healthcare Financial News

It’s a quality blog from all top healthcare blogs that concentrates on healthcare financial implications. It provides insight on revenue cycle management, reimbursement services, and healthcare strategic planning. Healthcare Financial News’ award-winning content editors deliver in-depth reporting, breaking news, and analysis on compelling healthcare topics such as capital investment.

5. Healthcare IT News

Healthcare IT News blog offers actionable, timely, and analyzed news on the healthcare technology landscape. The healthcare blogs provides tips for implementing EMR, revenue cycle management, and leveraging patient data for better care. This blog is part of the HIMSS Media, a media group that focuses on healthcare and tech markets.

6. Medgadget

Medgadget is a weblog focusing on medical technologies. Launched in 2004, this website is known for up to date information on healthcare trends, medical research, and international medical technology news. Additionally, it covers news updates on the latest medical devices and technological discoveries. Medgadget is ranked as one of the most trafficked healthcare blogs in the world.

7. KevinMD Blog

This is a blog founded by Dr. Kevin Pho in 2004 to provide anin-depth analysis of physicians’ issues. Several authors share their personal experiences and insights here.The blog’s readers get regular insight into the health sector from nurses, policy experts, surgeons, doctors, medical students, and more.

8. Web MD Doctors

WebMD Doctors is extensively known for its collection of healthcare blogs such as eMedicineHealth, Medscape, and RxList, among others. Besides, WebMD stands out for its multiple features, such as the symptom checker and physician directory.Interested readers can access topics ranging from heart medication, parenting to good healthy eating.Besides, every post is penned by a qualified physician to maximize the output quality.

9. Kaiser Health News

This is a non-profit news blog focusing on in-depth coverage of healthcare headlines, including politics and the healthcare system. They give clear information on how doctors, insurers, hospitals, nurses, consumers, and governments work. Besides, their KHN Morning Briefing feature ensures you get all the recent healthcare happenings.

10. Harvard Health Blog

Harvard Medical School publishes this blog.It provides a wide range of health topics and medical news vetted by multiple faculty physicians in the school and affiliated hospitals. Some of the questions recently discussed are: “Does air pollution cause Alzheimer’s disease?” and “How can I know if my penicillin allergy is real” among others.

11. HealthBlawg

This healthcare blog focuses on digital policy and health law. Aptly, it is managed by David Harlow, who is a healthcare lawyer and consultant.Harlow uses this blog to dig deep into topics such as digital health regulation, data security and government response, and opioid crisis, among others.

12. NASHPs State Health Policy Blog

This blog from famous healthcare blogs is affiliated to the National Academy for State Health Policy (NASHP). The State Health Policy Blog provides insightful content on issues like mental illness studies, state-based marketplaces, Medicaid expansion, and problems associated with increased healthcare costs.

13. CGD Global Health Policy Blog

The CGD Global Health Policy blog is part of CGD – The Center for Global Development Policy blogs such as Climate Change, Energy, and Aid Effectiveness, among others. This healthcare blog offers great analysis and ideas on issues concerning fiscal policy for health, health program evaluation, and family planning.Besides, the CGD Global Health blog provides content on infectious diseases and health security.

14. Geonetric Blog

Are you looking for content on how healthcare organizations can thrive through effective marketing? Geonetric, a marketing agency, is worth having a look. Geonetric specializes in growing healthcare industries by offering insightful ideas. For instance, the blog helps in the creation of effective content strategies, building a professional standard website, among other noteworthy health industry trends.

15. Healthcare Success Blog

It’s a full-service agency blog that discusses topics on medical practice as well as healthcare advertising and marketing. Its pages are regularly updated with the most relevant healthcare information. Some of the discussions here revolve around the benefits of using YouTube as a healthcare advertising strategy and reasons for mobile advertising in hospitals. Besides, it advises on how you can take advantage of online doctor reviews in your organizations’ operations.

16. ReferralMD

ReferralMD’s Healthcare blog builds on itseConsultant mission of improving patient care and access to health systems. The blog has millions of readers. Its blog coversa wide range of topics,especially on the business side of healthcare technology. This medical marketing blog provides professional healthcare reviews on various health news, including telehealth, medical technology, and healthcare PR practices, among others.

17. Physicians Practice

Modern Medicine Network hosts Physicians Practice. Each article in this blog tackles a topic relevant to today’s healthcare professionals.It offers tactics on how you can encourage patients to come back to your healthcare practices. Also, it helps in weighing the pros and cons while outsourcing marketing strategies.

18. Ragan Health Care Communication News

Ragan Health Care Communication is loaded with information on topics like mobile health, social media, PR, and marketing in health. Generally, it is a one-stop-shop concerning all issues related to healthcare marketing.For instance, you will be educated on how to communicate effectively with your patients and staff. This blog of all top healthcare blogs is suitable for a small practice manager or HR manager.

19. The Moz Blog

This is another helpful top marketing blog for any medical marketing group. This blog covers a wide range of topics on healthcare. Some of their discussions concern digital marketing tips for health care brands and guides to overcome Ad blindness, among others. Check out this content to get exciting insight from doctors and other healthcare researchers on ways to improve your online marketing skills.

20. HealthJobs Nationwide

It is considered one of the largest healthcare talent acquisition network in the US.HealthJobs Nationwide offers content specifically to healthcare professionals. They provide regular news, opinions, and insights on healthcare jobs nationwide. For instance, if you want to check on the most-in demand specialties on certain healthcare professions, among all healthcare blogs this blog is a good start.

21. Rasmussen College School of Health Science

The Rasmussen College School of Health Science blog provides infographics and testimonials on career-related issues and paths of education within the health industry. This blog helps you to develop skills and knowledge on how to improve your patients’ lives.

22. Health Career Center

Are you hunting for a healthcare career that will best fit your lifestyle requirements? All you need is to tune to Health Career Blog’s articles to know about all best healthcare blogs. For instance, this blog will come in handy if you want to learn about good healthcare careers for ‘millennials,’ top medical jobs, and perhaps safe tips for quitting a job.

23. UnitedHealth Group Blog

This is an organization devoted to enhancing healthcare initiatives and providing digital health care solutions across all communities in the US. The blog shares a huge amount of varying different healthcare blogs and healthcare industry topics such as diversity within the workplace and data in healthcare. Moreover, the blog digs into more details on subjects such as healthcare job applications from your mobile gadget, healthcare fraud, and working with disabilities, among others.

24. The Staff Care Insider Blog

This is a healthcare blogs devoted to issues on high need locum news and healthcare staffing today. The Staff Care Insider blog offers insightful information to healthcare professionals looking for new career opportunities as well as medical facilities that need staffing guidance and support. Some of the topics discussed on the blog include healthcare job shortages, reasons why the time for waiting in hospital is longer today, and tips to overcome mental health shortage, among others.

25. Health News Review

This blog produces content to improve public dialogue on issues about healthcare.It is published by Gary Schwitzer, who is a healthcare journalist. Health News Review (HNR) blog, as the name suggests, helps its readers to analyze healthcare industry claims easily.From news on the latest tests and treatments to the validity of recently published studies, HNR is the go-to guide for analyzing healthcare news.

26. Discover Magazines Health and Medicine

Health and Medicine is an offshoot of the famed Discover Magazine. The regular readers of this blog enjoy up-to-date content on mental health, aging issues, obesity, nutrition, biotechnology. Besides, the blog publishes thought-provoking articles on healthcare breakthroughs and its impact on our daily lives. The Discover Magazine Health blog is worth visiting for more insight into complex trending subjects on health today, such as CBD oil.

27. Modern Healthcare’s Vital Signs

Modern Healthcare is among the top sources of healthcare policy and business news today. With a stellar team of health reporters, it is an excellent healthcare blogs for researching the topics related to healthcare, such as insurance, technology disruption, drug safety, and quality, among others. This blog also contains sponsored content on healthcare from various affiliates in the health sector.

28. Public Health Matters blog, from the CDC

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) make use of Public Health Matters blog to deliver critical messages about the healthcare sector. This blog is dedicated to offering readers with regular updates on public health evolution. Besides, it focuses on the continuous steps made to improve the general state of the US healthcare.

29. Trustee Blog

It is an American Hospital Association publication. As the name implies, this blog is prepared for trustees, hospital directors, and board members. It covers information on healthcare governance and trends.However, you’ll also find tons of valuable written content on patient care to strategic healthcare plans.

30. Healthcare Purchasing News (HPN)

HPN is a magazine for healthcare business news. This blog contains information on products and systems that affect supply chain management of the healthcare industry.Health Purchasing News offers monthly healthcare magazine printouts and daily updated online content on the same.

31. The Overlake Medical Center (OMC)

The OMC is a blog that concentrates on newborns and mothers. It contains all the essential information that new parents need to know when raising a baby. The blog covers topics such as kinds of foods newborns should take, ethical issues surrounding parenting, and how to find the correct pediatrician to monitor their lives.

32. Inside HSCA-Health Supply Chain Association

Inside HSCA is a great blog for anyone searching for content regardinghealthcare supply chains. It is the official blog for The Healthcare Supply Chain Association. It is among the main reasons why HSCA has evolved to be one of the most influential healthcare advocacy and policy organizations.This blog offers insights intothe healthcare industry’s most challenging and newest issues. From tariffs on the importation of prescription drugs to comments on various healthcare policies, this news blog is worth checking out if you are a healthcare provider.

33. Health Facility Management (HFM)

Health Facility Managementis another publication by the American Hospital Association. This blog covers a wide range of topics, especially on health facility design and construction, environmental services as well as the sustainability of healthcare systems.The HFM blog also posts interviews with experts in security solutions for healthcare environments, health facility architecture, as well as hospital energy use systems, among others.

34. Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA)

HFMA blog focuses on healthcare professionals in the finance sector. The talented authors of this blog highlight issues affecting healthcare leaders. It addresses topics such as collaboration of healthcare finance and clinical leaders, healthcare reforms, and trends as well as risk management in the healthcare sector. Besides, the blog covers all your questions on the effects of technology such as AI, EHRs, and telemedicine.

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35. Today’s Hospitalist

This blog publishes content for hospitalists in the US. They discuss a wide range of trending topics on patient satisfaction, healthcare reform and redesign, hospital medicine, and the opioid crisis, among others. Besides, Today’s Hospitalist blog provides monthly report overviews on hospitalist recruitment, quality improvement initiative, clinical updates, and practice management issues.

36. Hospital and Health Networks (H&HN) Blog

The H&HN blog targets hospital executives and emerging healthcare leaders.They have daily and weekly publications on financial, clinical, and demographic issues in the healthcare sector. H&HN helps executives identify emerging trends in healthcare blogs for better management of health organizations. The blog also reports on health information technology as well as other important issues relevant to the hospital C-suite.

37. 3M’s Inside Angle Blog

3M Health Information System Inside Angle Blog contains articles from experts within the 3M industry. Such experts include clinicians, strategy experts, analysts for coding and clinical development, and researchers among other healthcare industry professionals. This blog from leading healthcare blogs offers insight and perspective on categories such as interoperability and terminology standard, data science, and analytics in the health sector for all kinds of healthcare blogs.

38. AAMI Blog

This is a healthcare IT blog affiliated with the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI), a non-profit organization with about 7,000 members. The AAMI blog contributes content on the medical industry’s risk management as well as the development and safe use of health technology for all different types of healthcare blogs. Some of the topics covered include healthcare IT, security, risk management, and standards in medical technology.

39. Change Healthcare Viewpoints

Change Healthcare Viewpoints provides insight into the healthcare industry. Here you’ll get content on healthcare IT guidance from the industry’s experts. Read this healthcare blogs for detailed information on health informatics, healthcare transformation, healthcare consumer engagement strategy, interoperability among other consumer digital tools and many more different types of healthcare blogs.

40. Chilmark Research

The Chilmark Research blog focuses on healthcare IT. With this blog, you can’t miss out on major healthcare events such as emerging health IT trends and predictions, HIMSS, information concerning regulations, merger stories, innovations, and partnerships.Check out this blog to explore more information on the current health IT innovations as well as their integration in the healthcare sector.

41. DXC Technology

DXC Technology is aninformation technology services company. Their health blog targets healthcare providers and medical researchers. It addresses topics such as storage of patient data in EMRs, aggregated healthcare data use, and automation of antibiotic use, among other healthcare solutions.Their healthcare section is regularly updated with information on how clinicians and caregivers can embrace healthcare IT for better service delivery.

42. HITRUST Blog

HITRUST Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of programs that safeguard sensitive information and manage risks across the healthcare industry.The HITRUST healthcare Blogs discusses topics on cybersecurity, healthcare industry regulations, healthcare leadership lessons, and risk management tactics.

43. Perficient – Healthcare

Perficient is a top digital transformation consulting organization with about 2000 global clients. This blog has interesting information on healthcare industry trends, tips for boosting your practice performances,and health IT insights.

44. Phoenix Health System

Phoenix Health System is a healthcare IT service provider focusing on improving healthcare quality through digital innovation.The Phoenix Health System blog covers all you need when it comes to digitalized health systems: health IT consulting, HIPAA data privacy and security, cloud computing, IT operations, and project management, among others.

45. ScienceSoft – Healthcare IT Blog

It concentrates on current innovation and trends in health IT. The blog contains topics on data analytics, development of patient and hospital mobile app, information security.This blog aims to help medical device managers, healthcare providers, health IT professionals, and pharmaceutical companies to achieve the symbiosis between IT and healthcare for many healthcare blogs.

46. Spokwise Healthcare Blog

Spok is a healthcare leader in clinical communication solutions. The blog, Spokwise Healthcare, delivers information on clinical and healthcare communications, how to improve patient experience, health care security, among others. The posts cover topics such as interoperability, patient satisfaction, and safety, security, staff efficiency, paging, among others. You can navigate and explore more healthcare blogs in just a few clicks.

47. AHRQ Views

Agency for Health Research and Quality (AHRQ),is a US government agency focusing on improving healthcare system quality and safety through research. Issues discussed in these healthcare blogs it include digital healthcare transformation through telehealth, empowering primary care, patient safety, and experience, just to mention a few. Besides, here you can get the information on how to advance health science by drawing insight from AHRQ research to practice.

48. Blog

CMS –The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services is another government resource for health IT leaders. With this blog, be assured of insights on payment model innovation, health expenditure, interoperability, among other topics. Also, this healthcare blogs provides essential updates on legislation and regulatory proposals in the medical sector.

49. FDA Voices

The FDA Voices blog provides insightful information on medical device oversight. Due to the increased use of devices in the healthcare industry, the FDA Voices is a great one-stop website for an expert perspective on medical products, consumer safety, food, and tobacco policy.Besides, you can read more about the future of the FDA’s electronic safety surveillanceon the blog.

50. Hay on FHIR

This blog’s content is written by a Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) innovation enthusiast and evangelist, Dr. David Hay. The content is about interoperability and FHIR, among other health IT topics. Dr. David is an independent contractor who provides insightful information on the implementation of HL7 and FHIR.

51. Digital Health

Digital Health offers authoritative and dedicated coverage on technology news, policy, and research on health IT. It focuses on health IT development in the NHS and UK health sector. The topics included range from digital health news on emerging and disruptive technologies such as AI and wearables, to digital health networks and intelligence on health market trends with healthcare blogs.

52. Electronic Health Reporter Blog

This blog is published by journalist Scott E. Rupp, an award-winning and editor who is passionate about healthcare technologies. A great blog to find expert views and the latest news on healthcare IT.

It also provides personal stories and interviews on the innovative tech sector.

53. Health Affairs Blog

Health Affairs is one of the leading healthcare blogs on health research and policy. The blog aims to improve healthcare by addressing issues on healthcare cost, access, and quality. Topics covered by this blog include the affordable care act, health spending, and global health policy, among others.You can bookmark your favorite healthcare blog from this list to ensure you are always in the loop on healthcare news and expert opinion.

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