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Use telemedicine billing services that allow you to deliver the care and attention your patientsneed from the comfort of their homes without affecting your cash flow. EMPClaims will manage the coding, claim submission, payment posting, and insurance collection on your behalf. By making use of our services, you can improve patient outcomes and increase the practice revenue.

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Our Telemedicine Billing Services Process

A typical Telehealth consultation involves the following steps.

Virtual Check-in

This is when a medical practitioner checks with a patient via phone or other telecommunication devices. The purpose of the call is to determine if there is a need for a visit to the office or any other service. This call is usually brief, lasting between 5 and 10 minutes. An established patient may submit images or recorded video for remote evaluation.


This covers any form of communication between a patient and health provider through online means.

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Why Choose EMP as your Telemedicine Billing Outsourcing Partner?

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Benefits of Leveraging Our
Telemedicine Billing Services

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Our telemedicine billing services will help you verify patients' insurance easily.

We reduce the occurrences of denied claims because of a decrease in coding and billing errors while staying in line with all telehealth policies.

We ease the administrative duties of your staff so that they can focus on core competencies.

Why Partner with EMPClaims